We are men committed to fighting for our hearts and the hearts of others.

  • TRUE PURSUIT WEEKEND: May 4-7, 2017

    Join us at Michendoh Conference Center this May for a time to unplug, to reconnect, and to recover your masculine heart.

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The True Pursuit Weekend is a four day adventure designed to help a man recover his heart so he can live the life that God intended him to live. To help a man learn where the battle is and to teach him how to fight for his own heart and for the hearts of those he loves.

Next True Pursuit Weekend: May 4-7

Our weekend getaway is truly a retreat for the masculine soul.  Michendoh Conference Center in Hillsdale Mi.

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What Men Are Saying.

“I attended for one reason. I was curious why this weekend meant so much to my friend and changed his life. Wow, now I get it! The messages were true, the men were real, and the time to reflect touched me deeply. Now I am inviting my other friends to experience it with me. And…shooting guns was a blast!”

“With so many fake men out there it’s hard to know when you can really trust someone to be the real deal. Pete Emhoff and his team are real. They selflessly and courageously fight for men. They create environments for you to come as you are, feel respected, and find the hope of becoming who you were meant to be.”

“It was challenging for me to get away but once I did it was amazing. There was finally some space in my life to be around authentic men with a real message of hope. That’s why I continue to return.”

“I tried to put off going to this retreat for a few years and finally I broke down and attended. What an awesome decision it was from me. The quiet time, the connections, the interactions, the stories, everything was just what I needed for a bust in my relationship with Christ. I’m looking forward to making this an annual trip and can’t wait to bring my son someday.”

“God stirred my heart – woke me up – and restored me in my faith and “place” in Him. Ah-yes! I have a new orientation. A new hope. A new focus. I will seek to be fathered by God more than ever”

I’ve been to a couple TP Men’s Retreats weekend now and both were amazing, but the second was life changing for me. I had no idea how broken I really was until I heard a talk on “The Poser”. I went to the retreat expecting one thing, and came out having received so much more. I highly recommend the TP Weekend Retreats to anyone who thinks they’ve got it all together; you’ll come away with a new appreciation for how weakness brings you closer to our Lord.“If you have in mind a typical church retreat…this isn’t it! This weekend is casual, fun, and pulls no punches to make sure you know God wants to rescue your heart. If you want to experience what is real…this is it!”

“This weekend has been one of amazing breakthrough and extremely impacting. Boldly spoken truth rings true, though done in love. Knowing that other men struggle with the same issues as I do gives me hope. I believe that God has started in me this weekend a Radical Transformation”

“I have new eyes to see and a new heart towards God”

The Team

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Pete Emhoff

Mark Freier

Matt Emhoff

Brad Jones

Patrick Davidson

Dan Bumford

Ross Martin

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