August 2017

The message of True Pursuit to men is that we are all “broken and beloved”. We don’t like being broken because it suggests that there is something wrong with us, so we pretend that everything is ok. We get so good at pretending, that others are led to believe that we have our lives together. Our desire is to help men see that there are two ways to look at our brokenness. We can either see it in a negative light, or through our true identity as God’s Beloved. When we look at it negatively we almost always see ourselves as victims. We feel like failures, idiots, or like God is upset with us. However, when we see ourselves as the Beloved of God we are able to look at our brokenness in a different way. We can say “yes I am broken, but I am still Beloved” and my life is a blessing, even though we may not feel like it at the moment. We want men to know that God is not done with them, that it is a part of their journey. And because they are Beloved, they can trust God to heal their brokenness, and they can grow through it.

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