What Brings You Joy?

I have always loved the outdoors…nature in particular. As a kid growing up in a really small town in Central NY, I spent many hours during the summer climbing trees, making forts, pretending that I was Daniel Boone, or Grizzly Adams. Well, I did have a beard at a young age.


A few years ago we had a Tornado that ripped through our little town. It came up fast, and the fact that we had never had one here before caused most of us to get caught off guard. My daughter-in-law called me and asked if we were in our basement? I said no, I am watching Syracuse play in the NCAA tournament. She told me that there was a Tornado heading our way and that we had better take cover.

A God of Process

At True Pursuit, we believe that God truly is a God of process.  He does not hurry and is willing to wait as long as it takes for us to catch up to Him.  If we are willing God willing transform us into the person God created us to be.  We are in process because God is a God of process.  John Eldredge writes more…

Wounded Young Children

It should come as no surprise that each and every one of us have been wounded at least once, and more than likely many times in our lives. Many of our defining wounds were bestowed on us when we were young, and did not have the emotional maturity to process what was being done or said.