Unearned Belovedness

Get your crap together!

A crude way to describe how most men feel about God and the way they view and relate to God. How many of the men you know might describe their functional view of God as: a morose and miserable monarch, a frustrated and petty parent, or a policeman on the prowl?

Team Solitude

The True Pursuit team has spent some time on this subject and often talks about the relationship between solitude and community. I have asked the team to take a minute and think about how you pursue and experience solitude in your life, and then offer the reader the benefit of your experience.

The Importance of Story

I turned 60 this year. As I look back over the last year of my 50’s, I realize that I have really been struggling with the idea of entering my 60’s. Mild depression, a defeatist attitude…like I am nearing the end. It affected my work, and the way I interacted with my family, friends, and even God.

Earning It

Something that every one of us has to wrestle with is this:  Is Jesus more interested in strict justice or love?  Sometimes these two go hand in hand.  It is often kind and good to hold to a standard of behavior.  But, there are many times when it is not possible


What to do about the noise? Have you noticed the not so subtle increase in the noise of our lives? With everyone carrying a powerful device which gives them access to a universe of music, video, texts, notifications, email, etc., the increase in the amount of stimulation to our brains is remarkable.

Inner Peace

Two weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon, I was walked into the Board Room by my boss, and my employment of 6 years was terminated.  While this is likely always a surprise, it was all the more unforeseen because in the short seven months I had been at this most recent division

Wounded Young Children

It should come as no surprise that each and every one of us have been wounded at least once, and more than likely many times in our lives. Many of our defining wounds were bestowed on us when we were young, and did not have the emotional maturity to process what was being done or said.

Wounded Adult Children

We are all wounded, and as a parent, it is not if we will wound our children, but how bad, and what are we going to do about now that we have a knowledge of how our past dictates our present.

Search for Validation

What do we do when as adult men, we discover that we have been wounded by our dads? When I made this discovery many years ago, I had to work through a whole range of emotions. I was angry that my dad missed my heart, and that I did not get the things that I needed from him, or certainly not enough.

Glittering Image

We all have a glittering image, that image that we think everyone wants to see, that we try and protect at all costs.