Killing Giants – 3

Goliath has struck fear into the entire Israelite Army for 6 weeks! Morning and evening the soldiers rally their spirits, get their gear on, and prepare for battle. As they run to the front line to face their enemy, Goliath steps forward and bellows his treats and the soldiers turn and run.

Killing Giants – 2

As I said in Killing Giants part 1, I love looking at the Old Testament stories with a fresh set of eyes. While most of us have read the story of David and Goliath, we tend to only focus on the young shepherd boy who defeats the giant Goliath with a slingshot and a smooth stone. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a story where the good guys win. Yet there is so much more for us to consider in the larger story.

Killing Giants – 1

I love the Old Testament stories, especially when I read them with a new set of eyes. Take for instance the story of David & Goliath. Most of us have read the story or have at least heard of the young shepherd boy who defeated the giant Goliath with just a slingshot and a smooth stone. It is easy to focus on the ending of that story…we all love to see the underdog win, at least I do. Yet there is so much more in the story that that is helpful to look at.

Wholehearted Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  True Pursuit hopes that you have wonderful, joyfilled time with family and friends as you celebrate Christmas. We are so aware that Christmas is an invasion, a brutal frontal attack, in which Jesus invaded earth with the sole mission to rescue you and set you free.  In the first moments of Jesus’ life he was hunted, on the run, an outcast, and throughout his life suffered much more… all to pursue you.  As you ponder Christ’s beautiful “True Pursuit” of your heart, allow this “This Resonates” post to speak to you.


Every year about this time I am reminded of how important it is to reflect on what God has done and how difficult it is to hang on to those memories.

God actually spends a lot of time in the Bible reminding us to remember…probably because we are so prone to forgetting. What do you use to remember? Today we tend to use Post-it notes, To-Do-lists, email, text reminders, etc.

Why Advent?

To say the celebration of Christmas has become part of a secularized marketing juggernaut should not surprise anyone. From the middle of October through the end of the year, people are subjected to an increased and intense campaign to spend money. Our secular culture is an economic one, and consumer spending is the largest piece of the economic engine that drives it.

Loving God

In preparation for my talk for the MI True Pursuit weekend I wrote some thoughts down.  When I shared this stream-of-conscious writing from the Tuesday evening before the retreat with Ross and Mark while we were at Michindoh, they suggested that this would make a great Blog entry.  So here are some thoughts…

God’s Beloved Sons

On a recent podcast I heard John Eldredge ask this question, “is that even a category you think in?” As I listened, I thought about categories. Or as Dan Allender would say, our assumptions by which we see the world, or operate in our world. In the world of spiritual transformation there are some categories which are important for us to understand, but often we give little attention to them, if any.


Relationship has always been the wild card of the human story. It seems to be God’s strategy. It is both the beginning and the goal. Therefore, to understand about community it’s important to look at the beginning.

Windows to Wounds

I am convinced that the story of our childhood determines who we are as adults. As I have said many times before, none of us got through life without being wounded by our parents, siblings, teachers, coaches and so on. None of those people who influenced our lives as children were perfect. No, they had their own stories of brokenness that they were living out of.