Glittering Image

We all have a glittering image, that image that we think everyone wants to see, that we try and protect at all costs.

Prayer of Integration

I woke up the other morning and before my feet hit the floor, my heart went in a dozen different directions as my mind filed through the list of things that I had to do that day.

Fitting In

Where do I fit in?

It seems like one of life’s questions. Where do I fit? Where do I belong? Is there a place for me in the game, at the table? We can spend a lot of time working on that question. We need to belong, fit in, be accepted. Our entire advertising industry is built around trying to convince us what we should buy to increase our chances of fitting in.

Spiritual Warfare

We often mention spiritual warfare as a category or an assumption under which we operate or see the world. Some men might say they have never had a category for spiritual warfare in their lives. They might say their assumptions about the spiritual life do not include warfare as a reality.

Forgiveness with Dad

Let’s say you have done the early steps in the forgiveness process and allowed God to heal the effects of the wounding done to you by your father.  And further, you have been experiencing the relief of having that weight lifted from you by God’s healing. Good work!


The process of coming to terms with our brokenness often includes discovery of wounds we have received at the hands of others. It is common to discover these wounds came during our childhood years; often came from someone in the family; and very often came from our fathers.

The Grass is Always Greener

What is it about that grass on the other side of the fence that makes it so much greener? Really, no matter what we have, we are always convinced it isn’t good enough, new enough, exciting enough, …and we look over that fence and it always looks better than what we have.

Check Engine Light

My dad used to call the warning lights on his dashboard “idiot lights”. The term came from a belief that drivers were becoming less and less capable of reading gauges and therefore needed a light to warn them of an ensuing problem.

No Quick Fix

The road that I drive on every single day, has become an absolute mess. There are so many potholes, cracks, and rough spots, that it is like driving down a two-track. If you live in MI, or any other state that has severe winter temperatures, you know that the roads definitely take a beating from the freeze/thaw cycles.

Spiritual Training

A Navy Seal Team is preparing to enter a compound to rescue a CIA operative who has been captured and is being tortured in an effort to extract sensitive information. The team was dropped off and have hoofed it a few miles to the perimeter of the compound.