The Power of the Table

We live in an increasingly disconnected world. While everyone is walking around with a device which allows for instant information and communication, we are becoming more and more disconnected from one another. We are communicating more by text messages. There is less phone conversation, not to mention face to face conversation.

Out of Alignment

I was feeling pretty proud of myself the other day when I made an appointment to take my van in to get the tires rotated. More often than not I remember to take it in way over the recommended mileage and the tire guy sort of rolls his eyes and gives me a little speech about the importance of getting the tires rotated on scheduled. However, this time I was right on the money and feeling good about it.

I knew something was up when he came back out only a few minutes after I gave him the keys. His first question was, so how long has it been since you had a front-end alignment?


I have worked with people that are smart, religious, theological, powerful, determined, weak, confused, lost and everything in-between.  The one common denominator of those who find the healing, restoration and freedom that they are looking for is if they are simply willing.  If someone is willing to keep the field open instead of being closed minded to what God is doing, then they can move forward.  If they can’t, they won’t.

Good Soil

2018 was a fascinating year for me.  I’ve been working on my heart – or more appropriately the Trinity has been – for 12 years now.  In 2018 some real truths seemed to find good soil and put down deep roots.

It started on January 20th when I was called into the executive board room by my boss at my company.  There I met the new Chief Human Resource Officer for the first time as I was fired from my job.

Is God Mad?

Have you ever wondered where some of our deep beliefs about God actually come from? Or better yet, have you ever taken the time to ask Jesus to reveal some of the lies that you believe about him? I thought that might get your attention.

Could it be possible that some of the things you and I have learned about God could be false, or only partially true? I am one of those guys that that isn’t afraid to turn over a few rocks in search of the truth. Honestly, sometimes it feels risky…you know, thinking that at any moment a group of law-abiding Christians are going show up and start chucking rocks at me.

Imitate Who Christ Is

“The imitation of Christ does not mean to live a life like Christ, but to live your life as authentically as Christ lived his…”  (Henri Nouwen)

Are we really called to do all the things that Christ did in His life?  Speak, heal, kick out demons, lead, rebel, sacrifice, love, and more?  Yes, Jesus very clearly tells us we will do even more than he did (John 14:12-14)… but here is where we get stuck:  How do we live this way?  How do we actually do these things in our daily life?


You are the hero of your story.  We don’t always feel this way, but it’s true.  Often, we are fearful that we are not worthy or do not have what it takes to play an important role.  Sometimes, in response, we will hide, terrified that someone will find us out or on the other end of things, we strut around with our chest out like rooster, comically portraying a false sense of confidence, hoping people will buy the facade.  Either reaction is not truthful to who we are.

Walk in the Light

What’s it like to have Jesus “move into the neighborhood?” Eugene Peterson used the “neighborhood” analogy in John 1:14 in THE MESSAGE.

At first blush, who wouldn’t want to welcome a neighbor who is kind and considerate; who enjoys neighborhood gatherings and welcomes everyone?

Dandelions – Part 2

I always take the last covenant of silence for myself at the True Pursuit weekends.  This is a time that the TP Team takes to debrief the Sonship talk as we do with all the others, but the guys understand that I do this for my heart.  The 2019 MI TP Weekend was no different.  I hugged Patrick as he got done with his Sonship talk, told him I loved him and walked out into the sunshine.  After some grey and rain the previous days the light and warmth felt so good!  As I walked, I prayed and opened my heart and body up as I usually do.