Aaron’s Story

Aaron describes the impact that the True Pursuit weekend has had on his life.

God As Lover

What keeps us from fully embracing the idea that we have an all-powerful, creator God who will stop at nothing to capture our hearts?

Yes, it’s true we’ve bought into the lies of the enemy and signed up for agreements for things that are not true.  Yet, something more is at play . . .

Solitude – Part 1

Solitude is an integral part of the spiritual life.  Unfortunately, like many of the great Christian traditions, the art of solitude has been lost for most Christians.  The True Pursuit Team sheds light on why solitude is so important, what it does for our relationship with God and practical ways in which we can practice solitude in our everyday lives.

Why Retreat?

I recently retreated with 6 other men for a weekend. We spent about 44 hours together in a remote but comfortable setting to talk about our spiritual lives, our journeys and our vision for the future. The three of us who planned the weekend made a decision to forgo an agenda and trust the Holy Spirit to lead us during our time together.

The Weekend

Bad Fuel

Not too long ago I was talking to a young friend of mine about his life, and some of the poor decisions that he had been making. He made the statement that he had been living a life that was being driven by “bad fuel” and that he was aware that he needed to start letting “good fuel” drive his choices.


A few years ago we had a Tornado that ripped through our little town. It came up fast, and the fact that we had never had one here before caused most of us to get caught off guard. My daughter-in-law called me and asked if we were in our basement? I said no, I am watching Syracuse play in the NCAA tournament.

Perfect Peace

Amanda Cook and Steffany Gretzinger from Bethel Worship sing this song “Perfect Peace”.  This song has helped me remember that perfect peace comes from God and I need to seek it out in Him before I try to manufacture it myself.  Spend some time in worship.

The Importance of Story

I turned 60 this year. As I look back over the last year of my 50’s, I realize that I have really been struggling with the idea of entering my 60’s. Mild depression, a defeatist attitude…like I am nearing the end. It affected my work, and the way I interacted with my family, friends, and even God.

John’s Story

John has attended almost every True Pursuit Weekend and gives his perspective on how that has shaped him year to year.  He also tells how his story has impacted his son’s journey as well.