Aaron’s Story

Aaron describes the impact that the True Pursuit weekend has had on his life.

A Letter From Ryan

God has placed on my heart a sense of gratitude for you. Pete and Matt, and I am sure others too, know my journey from where I was to where I am now with regaining heart, and place in the Kingdom of God.

Refreshed Desire

God brought me to a place where I could realize my deep need for Him and how that conflicts with my deep desire to be in control.  He met me and told me I didn’t have to do it alone, which is one of the worst agreements I have made.

John’s Story

John has attended almost every True Pursuit Weekend and gives his perspective on how that has shaped him year to year.  He also tells how his story has impacted his  son’s journey as well.

Adam’s Story

Adam describes the journey that God has had him on and how the True Pursuit weekend has been a big part of that.  He has experienced freedom through understanding his story and his part in the larger story.