Spiritual Warfare

We often mention spiritual warfare as a category or an assumption under which we operate or see the world. Some men might say they have never had a category for spiritual warfare in their lives. They might say their assumptions about the spiritual life do not include warfare as a reality.

I have asked the True Pursuit team to offer their thoughts on this question of how we see spiritual warfare and its effect on our lives as we endeavor to walk with God.

Fitting In

Where do I fit in?

It seems like one of life’s questions. Where do I fit? Where do I belong? Is there a place for me in the game, at the table? We can spend a lot of time working on that question. We need to belong, fit in, be accepted. Our entire advertising industry is built around trying to convince us what we should buy to increase our chances of fitting in.

Prayer of Integration

I woke up the other morning and before my feet hit the floor, my heart went in a dozen different directions as my mind filed through the list of things that I had to do that day. Our True Pursuit Weekend was just a few days away and there is always a bunch of things that need to be done, not to mention the Credit Card bill that was a few days past due, and the email I still needed to send to the team, etc., etc.