Joy Ride

We live in an increasingly disconnected world. While everyone is walking around with a device which allows for instant information and communication, we are becoming more and more disconnected from one another. We are communicating more by text messages. There is less phone conversation, not to mention face to face conversation.

Good Soil

2018 was a fascinating year for me.  I’ve been working on my heart – or more appropriately the Trinity has been – for 12 years now.  In 2018 some real truths seemed to find good soil and put down deep roots.

It started on January 20th when I was called into the executive board room by my boss at my company.  There I met the new Chief Human Resource Officer for the first time as I was fired from my job.

Why Advent?

To say the celebration of Christmas has become part of a secularized marketing juggernaut should not surprise anyone. From the middle of October through the end of the year, people are subjected to an increased and intense campaign to spend money. Our secular culture is an economic one, and consumer spending is the largest piece of the economic engine that drives it.


Relationship has always been the wild card of the human story. It seems to be God’s strategy. It is both the beginning and the goal. Therefore, to understand about community it’s important to look at the beginning.