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A Letter From Ryan

God has placed on my heart a sense of gratitude for you. Pete and Matt, and I am sure others too, know my journey from where I was to where I am now with regaining heart, and place in the Kingdom of God.

Perfect Peace

Amanda Cook and Steffany Gretzinger from Bethel Worship sing this song “Perfect Peace”.  This song has helped me remember that perfect peace comes from God and I need to seek it out in Him before I try to manufacture it myself.  Spend some time in worship.


The process of coming to terms with our brokenness often includes discovery of wounds we have received at the hands of others. It is common to discover these wounds came during our childhood years; often came from someone in the family; and very often came from our fathers. It becomes clear how these wounds have led to the development of the false self and the poser mentality as we have tried to compensate for the effects of these wounds and still function in the world.

The Importance of Story

I turned 60 this year. As I look back over the last year of my 50’s, I realize that I have really been struggling with the idea of entering my 60’s. Mild depression, a defeatist attitude…like I am nearing the end. It affected my work, and the way I interacted with my family, friends, and even God.

Completing the Divine Circuit

In the search for understanding the false and true selves Richard Rohr has been a wealth of knowledge and healthy challenge.  In this daily meditation, Richard talks about the vulnerability of allowing yourself to be known by God

Spiritual Warfare

We often mention spiritual warfare as a category or an assumption under which we operate or see the world. Some men might say they have never had a category for spiritual warfare in their lives. They might say their assumptions about the spiritual life do not include warfare as a reality.

I have asked the True Pursuit team to offer their thoughts on this question of how we see spiritual warfare and its effect on our lives as we endeavor to walk with God.

God is Meant to Be Our All

It is way too easy for me to find myself trusting and investing in things other than God as the one who brings me joy and happiness in this life.  This daily reading by Ransomed Heart reminds me to continually come back to God as the source of my life and to surrender the other things.

You Are My Joy

In this “This Resonates” post, Will Reagan sings about God being his joy.  God is our savior, our Father, our King and also our JOY.  We have been using this worship song at our True Pursuit Weekends and our Saturday morning TP meetings.

You Are My Joy

In this “This Resonates” post, Will Reagan sings about God being his joy.  God is our savior, our Father, our King and also our JOY.  Spend time worshiping God with this video.

Fitting In

Where do I fit in?

It seems like one of life’s questions. Where do I fit? Where do I belong? Is there a place for me in the game, at the table? We can spend a lot of time working on that question. We need to belong, fit in, be accepted. Our entire advertising industry is built around trying to convince us what we should buy to increase our chances of fitting in.