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A few years ago we had a Tornado that ripped through our little town. It came up fast, and the fact that we had never had one here before caused most of us to get caught off guard. My daughter-in-law called me and asked if we were in our basement? I said no, I am watching Syracuse play in the NCAA tournament.

Perfect Peace

Amanda Cook and Steffany Gretzinger from Bethel Worship sing this song “Perfect Peace”.  This song has helped me remember that perfect peace comes from God and I need to seek it out in Him before I try to manufacture it myself.  Spend some time in worship.

The Importance of Story

I turned 60 this year. As I look back over the last year of my 50’s, I realize that I have really been struggling with the idea of entering my 60’s. Mild depression, a defeatist attitude…like I am nearing the end. It affected my work, and the way I interacted with my family, friends, and even God.

John’s Story

John has attended almost every True Pursuit Weekend and gives his perspective on how that has shaped him year to year.  He also tells how his story has impacted his son’s journey as well.

Unearned Belovedness

Get your crap together!

A crude way to describe how most men feel about God and the way they view and relate to God. How many of the men you know might describe their functional view of God as: a morose and miserable monarch, a frustrated and petty parent, or a policeman on the prowl?

The Beloved – Part 2

In the second installment of the Beloved Series, Matt, Pete and Mark discuss what their journeys have been like so far.  Taking a deeper cut at how to actually live everyday life with the attitude, behaviors and belief that I truly am The Beloved.

No Quick Fix

The road that I drive on every single day, has become an absolute mess. There are so many potholes, cracks, and rough spots, that it is like driving down a two-track. If you live in MI, or any other state that has severe winter temperatures, you know that the roads definitely take a beating from the freeze/thaw cycles. You also know, that for years the DOT fills the big holes by slinging asphalt toward them…they fill most of the whole, and also create more rough spots in the road.

The Grass Is Always Greener

What is it about that grass on the other side of the fence that makes it so much greener? Really, no matter what we have, we are always convinced it isn’t good enough, new enough, exciting enough, …and we look over that fence and it always looks better than what we have.

Team Solitude

Henri Nouwen made the following statement in his book Making All Things New,

Without solitude, it is virtually impossible to live a spiritual life. Solitude begins with a time and place for God, and Him alone. If we really believe not only that God exists, but also that He is actively present in our lives – healing, teaching, guiding – we need to set aside time and space to give Him our undivided attention.

The True Pursuit team has spent some time on this subject and often talks about the relationship between solitude and community. I have asked the team to take a minute and think about how you pursue and experience solitude in your life, and then offer the reader the benefit of your experience. 

A Letter From Ryan

God has placed on my heart a sense of gratitude for you. Pete and Matt, and I am sure others too, know my journey from where I was to where I am now with regaining heart, and place in the Kingdom of God. In case you don’t know, a few years ago it felt as though my world was beginning to crumble all around me.