2018 True Pursuit Weekend Mission

Friends of True Pursuit,

We are so excited to invite you to play an integral role in our mission for the 2018 True Pursuit Weekend.  Our hope is to bring over 100 men to the weekend.  The number is not as important as the “why” behind it.  We believe that God has invited True Pursuit to broaden our impact by offering hearts rescued and freedom gained to more men in more intentional ways.  We trust Him with the outcome while doing our due diligence to follow His lead.

You are our dear friends and we cannot do what we do without you.  So, we invite you into this mission with us.  Are you willing to bring the message and the invitation of True Pursuit to those around you?  Will you tell your friends, co-workers, churches and others about the upcoming 2018 True Pursuit Weekend?  Listed below are resources and instructions for getting the word out through the larger community of True Pursuit.

*This year we are offering a 50% discount on your 2018 TPW registration fee if you bring five first-time attendees.  (They must mention you in the notes section of their registration.)

Invite Your Friends:



Attach or include a link to these resources in an email inviting your friends the True Pursuit Weeknd.

*Please include this link in your email:  truepursuit.org/weekend

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Social Media:

Like, comment and share on facebook, twitter and youtube.  *Please include this link in your posts:  truepursuit.org/weekend

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A packet is an envelop that includes True Pursuit Weekend brochures and save the dates along with instructions.  If you would like to receive a packet please contact Matt Emhoff (734.904.4687 matt@truepursuit.org)

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Release Schedule:

In an effort to coordinate our resources being released, True Pursuit will be sending out emails to True Pursuit friends at specific times with specific resources and instructions attached.  If you would like to join the larger True Pursuit community in receiving these emails please contact Matt Emhoff. (734.904.4687 matt@truepursuit.org)



Invite Your Church:

Churches are where most Christian men gather on Sunday mornings.  We believe that, for True Pursuit, this is our biggest mission field.  We want these men to experience their hearts being rescued and coming alive.

We would love to bring the message of True Pursuit to your church.  Would your pastor, men’s ministry leader, or others be willing to do any of the following?

  • Mention the 2018 True Pursuit Weekend in the announcements
  • Show a slide on the screen
  • Show a True Pursuit Weekend promo video
  • Display brochures and save the dates
  • Put up a large poster of the TPW save the date
  • Have one of the True Pursuit Team come and share their story
  • Send an email blast to the congregation or men’s group
  • Have a table in the common area displaying TP Weekend resources and TP Team members available to tell people about True Pursuit and answer questions

Many of these resources can be found listed above.

Please contact Matt Emhoff (734.904.4687 matt@truepursuit.org) to talk more about what bringing the message of True Pursuit to your church could look like.


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